Tuesday, June 16, 2009

boris the yeti...99% done.

he's pretty much done here, with the exception of the base being painted and the snow flake in his hand (that's what he is licking). I will get better pictures later...much later. he is still in florida. I felt like he was too fragile to bring in the car. so hopefully I can bring him back the next time I visit home.

a little bunny and a tiny cathulu anyone?

I love to sculpt. these are a couple of ideas for toys that I have. I would like to make many, many more of them.

the sewer gator is watching you.

he's always lurking just under the surface of your cozy little neighborhood...waiting for the right moment.

beware of sea monsters ahead.

this is the final version of the sea monster island.

yeti environment.

this is an environment for boris the yeti.

space...the final frontier

do I love star trek? yes I do.
do I love spok? absolutely.
...but neither of those things have anything to do with this background.


...and here he is. making his debut appearance.

sasquatch environment.

environment for sasquatch.

art show set up.

this was my set up for the art show. I will post/repost all the work with the exception of the maquettes- those will come later when I get better photos.

cuckoo clock

final version? ...obviously minus the actual clock part. if I get around to figuring that part out, I will post it.

hungry hungry hippos!

a dirty job.

this was a book cover (or possibly an interior illustration) for christopher moore's "a dirty job". if you have not read this book, I would suggest it to anyone who likes dark humor. it's not too terribly dark, but it is very funny.


I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. did you all miss me??? well get ready. because here it comes...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

cuckoo clock?

this is a loose sketch/color study for one of my current projects. I can't wait to finish it.

hallmark workshop

so creative directors from hallmark came to ringling to conduct a workshop. it was a lot of fun and I learned a LOT. this is the card that I made...and I am happy with it.


"frankie has no eyelashes! ...why don't you go cry about it, frankie??"
I imagine him being picked on in school.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

rex goliath (or as I call it, rooster wine)

I re-designed the wine labels of rex goliath. this is the red wine...which makes the other one the white wine.
these make me happy.


this was a quick little inspiration type thing. I love birds. and texture. and I thought it would make a cute kind of just saying hello card. I thought it turned out really nice. I also love handwritten text and fat birds.

boris' environment

and these icy purple mountains are the home of boris. it's a done deal.